MIB directs broadcasters, teleport ops to clear dues in 15 days

MUMBAI: The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has asked the broadcasters and teleport operators to deposit their outstanding dues within 15 days from the issue of the notice.

It also stated that the ministry will take action in accordance with extant policy guidelines for uplinking and downlinking in case broadcasters fail to clear outstanding dues.

The ministry noted that policy guidelines for uplinking and downlinking mandates TV channels and teleport operators to pay the permission fee for the first year before the issuance of permission.

Furthermore, the succeeding year’s permission fee will have to be deposited 60 days before such fee becomes due.

It also said that the non-payment or delayed payments of prescribed Annual Permission Fee tantamount to violation of uplinking/ downlinking guidelines and attract action regarding continuation/ revocation of permission under the relevant clauses of uplinking and downlinking guidelines 2011.

The ministry said that a number of Broadcasters/Teleport Operators have not been paying requisite permission fee. “It must also be ensured that the time schedule for payment of required fee as prescribed in the uplinking and downlinking guidelines 2011 is strictly adhered to,” the MIB said in a notice.

“It may also be ensured before making any request to MIB that there are no outstanding against the channel/teleport operators on the date of application.”

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