MIB appoints IIMC to carry out impact assessment study of cable TV digitisation

MUMBAI: The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has asked Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) to conduct an impact assessment study of Cable TV digitisation.

The study is being conducted on the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology.

In its 44th report, the committee had noted that the ministry has not carried out any formal impact assessment of cable TV digitisation so far.

It had also asked the ministry to carry out the impact assessment study on all aspects so that a clear picture emerges as to how far digitisation has actually been able to achieve its intended objectives.

This, it had stated, will also enable the Government to intervene from time to time and take suitable corrective measures if need be.

The ministry also stated that set top boxes (STBs) have been seeded in 90% of TV households, as per the Management Information System (MIS) data.

The ministry has developed MIS portal wherein all the registered multi system operators (MSOs) are mandatorily required to feed the number of STBs they
have installed in the premises of subscribers.

The seeding status of STBs on MIS is constantly monitored by the ministry through its 12 regional units across the country. The team of 12 regional units regularly interact/liaise with MSOs as well as Nodal Officer of the concerned District of the State. Chief Secretaries of the States/UTs have also been requested to direct the state government officials in this regard.

The ministry has also said that it will take action MSOs who are not feeding STB seeding in the MIS. Defaulter MSOs could also face cancellation of their registration.

As per MIS report, 427 MSOs are showing poor/zero seeding of STBs. The ministry has written to the Chief Secretaries with a request to review the progress of seeding of STBs in the State, particularly in the areas where low seeding has been reported.

Further, State Govts. have also been requested to issue instructions to the DMs/SDMs/CPs not just to carry out an inspection of MSOs but also take strict action, as per the provisions in the Cable TV Act so that MSOs don’t carry analogue signals and report the actual number of STBs installed.