Media Worldwide launches second Bengali music channel

MUMBAI: Media Worldwide has launched its second free to air (FTA) Bengali music channel Bangla Talkies today. Bangla Talkies will be back to back Bengali music channel with 100% exclusive content available on no other channel.

The channel claims that it will air all time Bangla hits with a collection never ever seen on any Bengali music channel. Bangla Talkies has a library of 1000+ songs.

Media Worldwide is in talks with distribution platforms to ensure wide reach for the platform. Once it gets enough, it will start selling ad inventory in the market.

The company also owns and operates a Bengali music channel Sangeet Bangla, which was launched in 2005. Media Worldwide has grown to a five-channel network with Music India, Sangeet Bangla, Sangeet Bhojpuri, Sangeet Marathi, and Bangla Talkies.

The company’s promoters include Mahendra Sony, Shrikant Mohata, Nisha Chothani, and Prashant Chothani.

Media Worldwide co-founder Mahendra Soni said, “I am delighted to announce the launch of our latest channel in the Media Worldwide network called Bangla Talkies. It is with immense pleasure that I speak of the growth story of Media Worldwide from its inception to having 5 channels under its brand name today. Media Worldwide envisions providing wholesome entertainment of the vibrant music and film industry to a country of over a billion people in the language, ethos, and culture which we all celebrate and are proud of.”

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