LF to launch new show ‘Himalayas – The Offbeat Adventure’ with Ranveer Brar

MUMBAI: Lifestyle channel LF will air a new show ‘Himalayas – The Offbeat Adventure’ from 17th September. Hosted by Ranveer Brar the series will air every Tuesday at 8 pm with a repeat telecast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm. Inspired by his fascination with the peaks, he sets out on a journey to discover untold stories and cuisines of a region few seem to really know. The show is driven by Zoom Car and Special Partners Oppo and Lotus Whiteglow.

A self-discovery as much as a discovery of the Himalayan range, he explores three Himalayan states – Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand. The storyteller in him brings out the visual distinction of each place through scenery, topography, cultures and most importantly the people. He sets out on a visual journey that introduces LF’s co-voyagers to life in the Himalayas with excitement translating through Ranveer’s adrenaline-filled adventure. It sees Brar in a never seen before avatar where he opens his heart to take in everything the hills have to offer.

Fascinated and influenced by the unique kind of terrain locals use, to the food that they grow, is an eye-opener for many. Brar has used every mode of transport ranging from hiking, driving, boating, riding and even trekking to ensure that his journey is as memorable as his destination.

The show has been greatly influenced and touched by the engagement with the locals there. Each one has a story so unique that it was difficult to put the entire experience in just 12 episodes. From pashmina rearers who never use pashmina owing to the fact that it earns them their food, to the Aryan community in Malana with protected sacred houses and locals, the show is fascinating, to say the least. The beauty of the show is in the people through whom the story is being told, the stories shared and the emotions felt.

Ranveer also meets with Tenzin Tsundue (poet, writer, and activist) at his humble abode in Dharamshala. What follows is a narration of poems over some Turkish black tea and deep dive into a room full of photos, articles, and sketches which documents Tsundue’s nerve-wracking encounters with the law depicting the truth behind Tibet and its current state. Crossing paths with unexplored communities, this show brings forth the strength of society – in every manner.

Discovering heroes from the stunning yet fragile ecosystem, Ranveer jumps into adrenaline gushing activities in treacherous terrain and finds and curates never before seen recipes using local ingredients. Having explored the darker side of this beautiful land, Brar’s passage also lead him to unearthing cannabis in Malana, the fact that there were missing tourists in Kasol, and the fascinating discovery of keeda jadi, a rare and even more expensive fungus that claims to have aphrodisiac properties that isn’t easy to gather at all.

LF business head Amit Nair said, “Brand LF has become synonymous with high-quality originals and with delivering a premium experience to our consumers. With the Himalayas, we raise our bar higher to deliver a journey that should inspire a trip and go offbeat while at it. It is a pioneering show with revelations and life stories bound to touch our viewers. For the first time, we are also making the show available to stream for our digital viewers on the website.”

“Interacting with the locals from various walks of life who would first only share directions to now share experiences and then actually cooking with them has taught me so many new things. I cannot wait to share the many events from their daily lives that we tend to take for granted. From unplanned adventures to living the life in these mountains, it was exciting to encapsulate it into 12 unique episodes for one and all to watch. This journey has been exhilarating while humbling. I take with me memories, learning and relationships from this new show!” shares Brar.

Discovering methods of food transport despite roads being blocked or the importance the climate Gods play in the toughest of terrains, this is a show that also talks about the hardships of life and offers a new way to set a premise to our thought processes. Did you know that at 16,000 feet you cannot grow any produce and that at 15,000 feet you can grow everything except wheat and rice? Bowing down to the matriarchal system followed, watch as Brar breaks stereotypes and acknowledges the mental and physical strength of the women who make the region what it is.

Unfolding the magnificence that the Himalayas have to offer, this is a show that aims to display the mountain range as so much more than a geographical wonder and true pride of the world. The abode of snow is also an abode of excellence offering a variety of fares that literally tantalises the palate.

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