LF to air interactive chat show with Zeba Kohli from 9 Nov

MUMBAI: Lifestyle channel LF will air interactive chat show ‘Gimme Chocolate!’ with Zeba Kohli from 9 November. It will air every Friday, Saturday at 8 pm.

The broadcaster said that Kohli is synonymous with the word chocolate and all that it encompasses and who brings the show to life making each guest on the show as comfortable as they would be in their own homes. Tempering conversations and recipes, the show delves into the universe of chocolates with Zeba’s friends who have struck a chord with everyone whilst they unwrap stories. ‘Gimme Chocolate!’ is a game show set to unravel the unexplored types and characteristic of all things chocolate!

The three segments on the game show inculcate games, live cook-off, and playful banter to present the multi-dimensional personality of chocolate and attempts at personifying the food that makes everyone weak in the knees. A cuppa chocolate full of introductions and accomplishments, delve into the lives of our guests as personality traits match with personal selections of chocolate. A little bit of gambling prodding experiences, three rounds of fantasy dice lend an edge of the couch experience while this version of’ Never have I ever’ takes centre stage with How the cookie crumbles! Who knew that picking chocolates from a tray could also bend towards fun conversations?

California Walnuts is the special partner on the show and Wonderchef is the cookware partner.

Kohli said, “’Gimme Chocolate!’ is the epitome of redefining chocolate in the most fun way possible. Symbolising a new beginning with all things sweet, we have modelled the entire show around the world of chocolate. Recreating the fantasy of chocolates in the chocolate den, it is an exhilarating experience to be able to connect with people from all walks of life on a personal level.”

LF business head Amit Nair said, “A perfect show to imbibe laughter and life, ‘Gimme Chocolate!’ is a show that reflects upon our affinity towards the finer things in life and we love how the equation between Zeba, the chocolates and the celebrities is perfectly balanced making the show an easy connect for a large audience.”