Kwan Entertainment partners EStars to venture into China market

MUMBAI: Celebrity and talent management agency Kwan Entertainment is venturing into the Chinese market in a tie-up with EStars, headed by CEO Allen Liu. Connecting actors, directors, writers, production houses, cinematographers, composers and brands, Kwan works on a marketplace model to bring scale to celebrity management and is leading the young talents through the markets.

The tie-up between Kwan and EStars is being viewed as hitting the peak of International partnerships – a fulcrum of the entertainment collaboration between China and India, as a global platform for talent.

Owing to the results that Indian entertainment industry has lately received with celebrities like Aamir Khan becoming a household name in the Chinese markets, this venture promises to be a quantum leap for the upcoming talent and sought- after celebrities, with Bollywood films doing immense business onto the Chinese lands.

With this development over the demand for Indian movies, the desire for Indian celebrities has intensified in the Chinese markets and this is what Kwan aims to explore. Kwan’s objective is to open a new market for the Indian talent pool in China and explore the possibilities to establish a synergy, entailing opportunities in every talent representation sector.

The talent pool will not only consist of actors but also directors, writers, cinematographers and build on the dynamics between International Chinese brands and production companies and Bollywood celebrities including other related platforms.

Kwan co-founder Madhu Mantena shares, “We could have not hoped for a better partner than Allen of E Stars who has tirelessly worked for expanding the Indian film market in China for the past 5 years.”

Kwan co-founder Vijay Subramaniam, “The growth of Indian entertainment in China cannot be ignored. The opportunities for Indian talent that Chinese businesses offer are also usually more lucrative. It became a natural step for us to follow these opportunities and ensure we help our clients capitalize on them effectively”.

The Chinese market is booming and presents the finest arena for Indian movies where Indian untapped artistry will also have greater and Inter-border opportunities for their talents and creations. The demand for Indian talent pool amongst the Chinese people is growing and KWAN would act as the medium for better reach and exploration into the market spheres.

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