Keshet to launch game show ‘The Search’ at MIPTV

MUMBAI: Global content company Keshet International has teamed up with independent entertainment studio Youngest Media to produce a new floor game show, The Search.

The format commissioned by Keshet12 and Keshet International will be launched at MIPTV. The studio game show transforms the globally-popular word search puzzle into a physical game wherein contestants’ speed and knowledge as well as their ability to work together is put to test.

The show combines all the fun of a word search with a dynamic, interactive experience and comes in 30 minute and 60-minute versions. It’s not enough for contestants to know the answer but they must also find it on the massive word search grid on the studio floor, all while the clock counts down and the board keeps shifting and changing.

Keshet International COO and President of Distribution Keren Shahar said, “The Search is a brand new take on the good old fun of the traditional globally-popular word search. It takes the popular pen and paper game and transforms it into a real-life game full of action for all the family. That, coupled with its strong visual element makes it a perfect fit for pretty much any channel. We’re delighted to be working with David and Lucas and the talented team at Youngest Media and look forward to launching the show at MIPTV.”

Youngest Media Co-Founder David Flynn commented, “It’s been an amazing experience bringing this idea to life with the team at Keshet. Like all the best game shows, The Search is simple but instantly engaging and will appeal to all generations. We look forward to bringing this to an audience in Israel and around the world.”

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