iTV Network launches AI integrated voice assistant in news studio

MUMBAI: In a first of its kind initiative, TV news network iTV Network has launched an AI integrated voice assistant in a news studio named NEWSX AI. The NewsX studios will now have a permanently integrated Studio Voice Assistant (SVA) which will be used in the daily programming, the SVA will also be used during any special events like budget 2019 and the 2019 general elections to help answer and present facts and data questions.

The company said that this is the first time ever for any news network that the SVA will be a part of any studio discussions and live events to take questions. The SVA has been integrated directly with the PCR systems to provide simultaneous audio/video output live on-air. The voice output of the SVA has been enhanced with holographic data projections to provide on-screen graphical visualisation of the data being provided by the SVA.

Speaking on the initiative, iTV Network Founder and Promoter Kartikeya Sharma said, “iTV Network is always committed to its viewers, customers and partners to innovate best practices and introduce future technologies to improve viewer experience, interactivity, and access, NewsX AI Studio Voice Assistant (SVA) is definitely being a giant leap into the cutting edge of the future of live newscasting.”

The SVA will also be skill programmed to answer IFTTT (If This Then That) based Q&A. For this, hundreds of data points are being compiled, tabulated and programmed into the SVA by the NewsX news team. There have been weeks of off-air testing done to maximize reliability, fact-checking, accuracy and minimize latency times.

The SVA will operate under the following in-house rules for A.I Broadcasting, being created by the iTV Network A.I Programmers such as: ‘computer will only answer fact/data questions’; ‘computer will only be operated with a human interface’; ‘computer will not control critical PCR operations’. For security and for the privacy of the studio guests, the NewsX A.I will not maintain any automated transcripts of studio discussions, it will only maintain records of questions that have been asked and answered.

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