India’s top 80 digital news networks generated 18 bn views on YouTube in 2017: Vidooly report

MUMBAI: India’s top 80 digital news networks had a lifetime subscriber base of 65 million viewers up until December 2017 who collectively generated 18 billion views, as per video intelligence platform Vidooly report.

According to the report, India Today Group is India’s most viewed news network on Youtube with 1.92 billion views in 2017. Following close in the second spot is NEXT9News with 1.89 billion views in 2017. ABP News group ranks third with 1.32 billion views in 2017.

Next 9 News is India’s most watched digital news channel on YouTube that does not have operate a television channel. Out of 18 billion views, digital only news properties contributed 22% or 4 billion of the views in 2017.

The report also highlighted that regional news content in Hindi and Telugu dwarfs English news content in terms of views on YouTube. All the top 10 news networks on YouTube have a regional channel.

News channels on YouTube get the most amount of views in the months of March, June, July, October and December. After kids, music and entertainment content, news is the 4th most watched category on YouTube in India.

With a user base of over 400+ million in India, YouTube is the biggest platform for video content. Every day across YouTube, Vidooly tracks data from over 500 million videos globally.

Vidooly CEO, co-founder Subrat Kar said, “Our Annual Digital Video Report in News is an effort to examine the viewership growth pattern in the Indian media on YouTube. Interestingly we are witnessing not just new age media companies but also legacy media companies who are investing heavily in growing their digital presence. While monetisation still remains a challenge, the ubiquity and massive audience base of YouTube has led to news networks attracting the younger crowd who don’t watch news on television and prefer to consume content on online video platforms.”

In order to prepare Vidooly’s Annual Digital Video report in News category, Vidooly tracked viewership data from over 80+ news networks in India who have a presence on YouTube. Additionally, Vidooly also tracked anonymous viewership habits of 400 million plus viewers between the ages of 18 – 65 on YouTube in 2017.

India’s Most Viewed News Networks In 2017

NEXT 9 NEWS23.88M1.89B
ABP NEWS74.55M1.32B
INDIA TV13.55M972.50M
NMF NEWS12.44M856.89M
ZEE MEDIA153.49M771.14M
V6 NEWS11.50M757.23M
NETWORK 18203.05M563.87M
ONE INDIA71.93M559.85M