IN10 Media’s SVoD platform DocuBay looks to fill the need gap in Indian market

MUMBAI: IN10 Media is gearing up to launch a subscription video on demand (SVoD) platform DocuBay dedicated to documentaries in the country and globally in the coming months.

The media company is launching a documentary focussed SVoD platform as it sees a gap in the market. Currently, most OTT platforms have fiction shows as their staple offering.

IN10’s DocuBay will cater to an evolved audience which is craving for serious non-fiction content. The SVoD platform has made two significant acquisition deals – one signed with France’s Kwanza and the other with UK’s Journeyman Pictures. Several other deals are in the pipeline.

Speaking to, DocuBay COO Akul Tripathi said that IN10 is constantly alive to new opportunities and possibilities. He also said that the Indian audiences are maturing which is reflecting in the interest quality non-fiction content.

“We realised, there are a lot of video streaming services with all kinds of content, but nothing specifically for documentaries. So we deep dived into this gap in the market and even the research showed that this was an idea waiting to happen,” he stated.

Shedding light on the catalogue, he said that currently, the company is in the process of curating the library and sourcing finest of documentary features from across the globe. “We will soon share details on the number of titles, however, we recently announced two significant acquisition deals — one signed with France’s Kwanza and the other with UK’s Journeyman Pictures. There are several others which are also in the pipeline.”

He also said that DocuBay will feature documentaries in several categories – which we call ‘bays’ – including Nature, Action, Travel, Culture, Science, and more. DocuBay will offer dubbing and subtitling.

“The library includes titles from India as well as from other countries like Croatia, Norway, Brazil, Germany, and China,” Tripathi added.

He also believes that the non-fiction content is getting credit for being an innovative category of entertainment which is every bit exciting, engaging, and entertaining as fiction offerings. However, for him, the whitespace lies in the fact that documentaries have never received the space and visibility they deserve.

Tripathi pointed out that even platforms that carry a significant number of documentaries in their library, do not really push them out as much as other pieces, particularly fiction series and movies. “Of course, series and movies are the staples of those platforms and documentaries are an added offering,” he said.

This is where DocuBay steps in, he asserted. “We are aiming for the audience of a particular vertical and keeping in mind the growing demand for content and the viewer’s ability, and desire, to explore and discover new forms of entertainment, DocuBay is designed to discover, explore, and experience documentaries.”

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