HopMotion’s first original IP ‘KuKu Mey Mey’ to launch on Toon Goggles, Amazon Prime US

MUMBAI: HopMotion Animation, a full service digital 2D animation studio, has launched its first-ever original IP ‘Kuku Mey Mey’, a fun-filled animated chase comedy. The show will launch on kids over the top (OTT) service Toon Goggles in North America and Amazon Prime US under the title ‘Kuku and the Goat’.

HopMotion Animation said it will soon bring ‘Kuku Mey Mey’ to the television screen and other digital platforms in India for its Indian audience to enjoy. The company said it is looking at the right partnership in the Indian market.

Directed by Anish Patel, the chaos-laden comedy borrows from the typical wildlife setting and puts a hysterical spin on it. Set in the backdrop of a jungle, the show introduces us to unusual characters through its 7-minute episodes and uncovers the hilarity of the role reversal of prey and predator in the wildlife. By switching the roles of the lion, Kuku, and the goat, Mey Mey, the show creates an unexpected and amusing watch for the audience of all ages.

The first season will have 78 x 7 minutes in episodes.

Written by Carmen Zainabadi, ‘Kuku Mey Mey’ is the first original IP for HopMotion Animation and was nominated for the FICCI BAFF 2018 awards in the category of Best Animation Episode Indian.

HopMotion Animation CEO Anish Patel said, “The show’s classic 2D animation strengthens its storytelling and humour while allowing the characters of the feisty goat and the comfort-seeking lion to truly come alive onscreen. With that, we are super excited to share the first look of our show in India. Being nominated for FICCI BAF 2018 was a big pat on the back for the entire team at HopMotion and it only reinforced our belief that we are on the right track.”

“Hop Motion is a great example of how a studio of their size can reach a global audience immediately with a partnership on Toon Goggles. Unlike many other platforms, we carefully select our content and make sure it compliments each other to give the content holders the maximum exposure and revenue. We hope to welcome many projects like “Kuku and the Goat” to Toon Goggles in the future,” added Toon Goggles CCO Lee Adams.

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