Hooq integrates server-side ad insertion into its video streaming platform

MUMBAI: Video streaming platform Hooq has integrated Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) into its video streaming platform, enabling advertisers to broadcast their ads effectively and at the same time, allowing Hooq customers to enjoy premium quality, seamless viewing experience when watching their favorite movies and television shows on Hooq.

SSAI technology allows Hooq to integrate ads into video, delivering a high-quality viewing experience without buffering or disruptions, creating one endless and dynamic stream. As SSAI integrates ad content with video content at the server, rather than at the client, it is able to bypass ad blockers. Because the ad insertion is part of the overall video stream, consumers are far less likely to have negative experiences as a result of the advertising.

“We incorporated the best technology for advertisers to communicate their content directly to customers interested in their product and make sure expenditure on content exposure was not lost to ad blockers. With SSAI there’s also minimal development time for integrating ads into partner platforms such as Grab. Most importantly, we wanted Hooq customers to enjoy a no buffering or differing in audio/visual quality when ads are shown – it’s really a win-win situation,” said Hooq chief technology officer Michael Fleshman.

SSAI allows Hooq to provide targeted and personalised ads to each viewer. These individualized media streams provide different ads to different viewers. The ad break then communicates with an ad decision server, which decides what to serve each particular viewer based on information such as viewing history, demographics and geographical location.

“The equation makes the viewers experience effortless and emulates that of television. Most importantly, for advertisers, it ensures the right content is reaching the right eyeballs and money spent is directly with the people interested in the product. The world of advertising is very much an evolving space with new obstacles arising for advertisers, which ultimately means having to adapt our model to fit new technological climates,” Hooq chief commercial officer Vishal Dembla.

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