hoichoi to launch psychological thriller series ‘SIX’

MUMBAI: Bengali video on demand (VoD) platform hoichoi is set to launch the first Bengali psychological thriller web series ‘SIX’ on 20 January.

Directed by Tanvir Ahsan and produced by TV Wala Media for SVF Entertainment, SIX is a nerve-wracking story of a copywriter named Soumyo Roy and how his life turns upside down following the death of his wife under mysterious circumstances. The Bengali entertainment world has not seen anything like this before, making it the first-ever psychological thriller web series in Bengali.

SIX will also introduce actor Nishan Nanaiah, who plays Soumya in SIX, to the Bengali audience. This is the first time the actor of 12 critically acclaimed Malayalam, three Telugu, and two Bollywood movies will perform in any Bengali project. The films Nishan has acted in include Apoorvargam, Geethanjali, Badlapur Boys and David. He has also won awards like the Asianet Film Award for Best New Face (2009) and the World Malayalee Council and Kairali TV award for Best Debut (2009).

Soumyo Roy, who works in an advertising agency, is deeply in love with his wife Rikhiya. On weekends, he prefers to hang out with his wife or his select group of friends or simply cook. One day, he skips his office meeting to have a lunch date with his wife. But when he arrives at the restaurant where they arranged to meet, he fails to find Rikhiya there. Instead, he bumps into a gorgeous woman at the restaurant who introduces herself as Razia, a colleague of his wife.

The stunning woman, who has become the centre of attraction at the eatery, tells him, much to his surprise, that Rikhiya got held up in the office and won’t be able to meet him. She also hands him a note purportedly from his wife. As Razia leaves, Soumya glances at the note from his wife, which, to his utter shock, says “can’t stay with you anymore.”

As Soumya wonders why Rikhiya would write a note like this and thinks of calling her, his phone rings. A neighbour, Mrs. Dutta, is on the other end, urging him to return home right away since his wife was found dead.

From that moment, Soumya Roy’s life changes forever. He emerges as the prime suspect, with the police accusing him of murdering his wife. No one believes what he has to say, not even his friends or colleagues. A desperate Soumya manages to escape, becoming a fugitive. The man on the run now has only one mission—to capture the killer of his wife and prove his innocence.