History TV18’s ‘Battle Factory’ focuses on manufacturing of frontline gear used in battle

MUMBAI: History TV18 is all set to roll out its new finite weekend series. The channel will be premiering its new finite show ‘Battle Factory’ on February 16, 2019, every Saturday & Sunday at 9.30 PM. The Battle Factory’ will show how raw materials become finished products ready for combat.

A 14 part series will give the viewers an understanding of how are soldiers’ ballistic helmets, sniper camouflage suits, forest firefighters’ high-tech ‘dragon eggs’ and more actually made?

Each episode is a story in itself, which will excite the viewer for its very format of never-before-seen factories that are secretive and kept hush-hush. It gives you a preview of the engineering mastery that goes into making the bullet-proof helmets, fuel bladders and Zippo lighters.

Every item’s manufacturing process is shot using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for a look and feel that really brings the machines and process to life. ‘Battle Factory’ gives unprecedented access and reveals how these items are manufactured right before the viewers’ eyes.

The programme also tells the viewer how there is no room for errors when lives are at stake along with intricate details on how these factories manufacture some of the ultra-modern vital gear armies around the world.

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