History TV18 to air docu based on Indian army’s counterinsurgency operation along Indo-Myanmar Border

MUMBAI: Infotainment channel History TV18 has created a special documentary ‘Special Operations India: Myanmar’ based on the Indian army’s counterinsurgency operation along the Indo-Myanmar Border.

Titled ‘Special Operations India: Myanmar’, the one-hour feature will premiere 28 March at 9 pm. This is the second film in the Special Operations India mini-series by History TV18. Earlier, the channel had broadcast a documentary about India’s Surgical Strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

On 4th June 2015, an Indian Army convoy was ambushed in Chandel District, Manipur. 18 Indian soldiers were martyred, in what was one of the worst militant attacks in North-East India in a decade. In response, the Indian Army sent in Paratrooper Special Forces to trace the attackers along the India Myanmar Border and destroy their militant stronghold, before more terror attacks could follow. It was a classified mission that’s now known as Operation Hot Pursuit.

“Operation Hot Pursuit” was a race against time. It remains one of India’s most daring military operations in recent history. It was the need of the hour, following the militant attack on an Indian Army convoy. The ambush had been planned and carried out by an insurgent group called the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khapalang (NSCN K). The NSCN-K is a well-organized militia operating in North East India. Their funding comes from extortion, kidnappings, and gun-running in the region. Sources also believe they are covertly aided by foreign powers. Following the ambush, Indian military intelligence showed that the insurgents had retreated to a large camp along the Indo-Myanmar Border. Swift counter-insurgency measures were needed, to deter militants waging war against the Union of India. The Indian Army’s elite Paratrooper Special Forces unit in the North East were tasked with the mission. The HistoryTV18 documentary follows these Jungle Warfare Specialists on their deadly mission against the NSCN- K.

The story is told through the experiences of the men leading the operation and the decision makers in India’s military establishment at the time. The narrative relies on the first person accounts of Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor to the Government of India, General Bipin Rawat, India’s current Chief of Army Staff and the Special Forces Team Leader (identity undisclosed) spearheading the assault on-ground. The programme also features Manohar Parrikar, Former Defence Minister, General Dalbir Singh, Former Chief of Army Staff and Nitin Gokhale, Defence Analyst and author, who share their insights.

Network18 COO A+E Networks MD Avinash Kaul said, “After the great success of our India original production “Surgical Strikes” we’re showcasing another compelling recreation of the heroic deeds of the Indian Army: ‘Special-Operations: India. Myanmar’. This show best epitomizes our brand & content promise- to bring forth inspiring stories of ‘history being made every-day’. We believe that contemporary shows like these will go a long way in establishing History TV18 at the forefront of factual entertainment in India.

The narrative follows India’s Special Forces on their secret mission, through dramatic twists and turns in the unfolding story. Authentic recreations across locations in North-East India, details of the planning and execution, first-person accounts of the men in charge, along with top end production values make this a genre-defining show. Incredible visuals filmed in 4K and High Definition with high-speed cameras, expertly choreographed action sequences, factual rigor, and great storytelling lie at the heart of the immersive viewing experience.

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