History TV18 HD to air 2-hour special on Pablo Escobar’s life on 14 Dec

MUMBAI: History TV18 HD will air a 2-hour special on Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar titled ‘The Rise & Fall of Pablo Escobar’ on 14 December at 10 pm.

Pablo Escobar was the most notorious figure of one the darker periods of Colombia’s recent political history. Though he started out as a petty thief and small-time dealer in the city of Envigado, just outside Medellin, he later was to become one of the world’s richest men thanks to his involvement in the cocaine trade. His dual weapons, of large-scale violence and bribery, allowed Escobar to co-opt much of the Colombian state, and bring it to the brink of collapse.

‘The Rise and Fall of Pablo Escobar’ gives viewers an inside look at the hunt for Pablo Escobar as told by the US DEA agents who hunted him and those that were there reporting. In this two hour special, viewers will hear personal accounts from several DEA agents, as well as journalists who were a part of the search and ultimate capture of Escobar. Along with never before seen footage and photographs of Escobar’s life and capture, viewers will be taken along on the journey that was Pablo Escobar’s life and his demise.

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