HBO to premiere war-drama ‘Dunkirk’ on 7 Oct

MUMBAI: English movie channel is all set to premiere war drama ‘Dunkirk’ on 7 October at 1 pm, 9 pm. ‘Dunkirk’ is Christopher Nolan’s Academy Award-winning magnum opus and an anti-war movie that underscores survival as the only real victory.

The channel has roped in four advertisers for the premiere. These include Dell (co-presenting), Apollo Tyres and Titan Edge (co-powered by), and driven by Toyota Yaris.

Winning acclaim from critics and audiences alike, Dunkirk tells the story of almost 4,00,000 trapped men of the Allied Troops awaiting evacuation from a French beach and harbour. At the hands of the enemy via land and air, or the watery grave surrounding them, the men face the constant looming and uncomfortable threat of death.

The expertly crafted film carried home three Oscars at the 90th annual Academy Awards, and for good reason. The storytelling stands out, by skilfully avoiding conventional formulae of romantic sub-plots or unbelievable acts of heroism by a central character. Nolan strips the premise to its bare essentials and rides on raw emotion, accompanied by long-time collaborator Hans Zimmer’s stellar background score which elevates the immersive experience.

In true trademark style, he also plays with temporal worlds and gives an interesting non-linear perspective. From recreating Stuka sirens entirely on the basis of photographs to weaving in vintage wool in uniforms, the recreation of this historical event boasts of almost $100 million, distinguishing the movie from other war-time films.

The ensemble cast of veterans and newer faces brings alive the director’s vision on-screen. The cast includes Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles.

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