Hathway’s Rajan Gupta outlines three key strategic pillars of growth

MUMBAI: Hathway Cable & Datacom MD Rajan Gupta has outlined three key strategic pillars that will drive the company’s growth going forward and will help in creating value for the shareholders.

According to Gupta, the three key strategic pillars are exploding home broadband consumption, transforming cable television from B2B to B2C and enhancing customer service experience through digital intervention.

Gupta further stated that the company’s accomplishments in FY18-19 will help it to build momentum for the next three years. “In FY 2018-19, we accomplished a great deal, not only in terms of financials but also towards building momentum for the next three years, at the back of accelerated customer acquisition, revenue and financial growth,” he stated.

He noted that the Indian media and telecommunication industry continued to be shaped by a multitude of diverse factors in FY19.

“Major regulatory changes, disruptive technologies, new market entrants, market consolidation, rapidly evolving customer preferences and the continuing convergence of broadband and traditional Pay TV distribution technologies powered the evolutionary changes across the industry landscape,” Gupta added.

He further stated that these industry trends and the resultant opportunities have been the guiding force for Hathway to build the strategic pillars of growth to further accelerate business momentum.

Gupta listed down the list of initiatives undertaken by the company to broaden its offering in order to build loyalty among the consumers.

Hathway, Gupta stated, expanded its FTTH services to more and more homes. On the cable side, it launched India’s first Cable Hybrid Android set-top box, in partnership with Netflix besides implementing the New Tariff Order in Pay TV industry. It also deleveraged the balance sheet through a strategic investment by Reliance Industries Limited.

“We are stronger than ever to take full advantage of the digital disruption that engulfs us. We have renewed our collective ability to create a new normal in Pay TV distribution and Fibre-to-Home broadband space in India,” Gupta averred.

He also believes that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) New Tariff Order (NTO) has given the company the opportunity to radically change customer service levels in Cable Television distribution. “With customers deciding the content they want to buy and consume, the focus has now shifted from wholesale content negotiations with broadcasters to understanding and leveraging customer insights to promote content.”

Gupta also averred that delivering market-leading customer experiences through the usage of various digital tools is the new enabler for revenue and EBITDA growth in the Cable Television industry.

“Our twin focus on taking FTTH to more and more homes and concurrently launching India’s first cable hybrid box is helping us converge linear TV-viewing with OTT usage as customers can access both services from a single smart box. This is also creating new levels of Home Broadband Consumption and helping us create a class of customers for whom Home Broadband is a must-have utility like water and electricity,” he said.

Gupta also said that the company will further increase the pace on this momentum in FY 2019-20. “This momentum on our strategic pillars will power a different level of explosion in value creation for our shareholders,” he concluded.

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