Green Gold teams up with Media One Solutions to create marketing campaign for radio

MUMBAI: Green Gold Animation’s popular children’s franchise Chota Bheem is opting for radio as one of its prime marketing tools. The animation studio has collaborated with Media One Solutions, one of India’s leading radio agencies, to ideate and create a marketing campaign for radio channels.

The campaign brought together the voice over artists from the film to create children-specific content on different channels and interact with the young listeners as characters from the upcoming film. The campaign is currently running across BIG FM, Fever 104, Radio City and My FM for their stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

The agency also helped sign an exclusive partnership between the creators and BIG FM wherein select listeners will be chosen for a special screening in Mumbai and Delhi.

“Storytelling in the children’s space has grown incrementally in the last decade in India and Chota Bheem is probably India’s most popular animated character since. Looking at the growth opportunities for children’s content in India, the advertising around the space should be equally innovative,” said Media One Solutions Founder and CEO Sourin Dutta.

Green Gold Animation COO & Executive Director Samir Jain explained, “Children are very perceptive nowadays and are adept with all forms of communication, be it gaming apps or tuning into their favourite radio channels. We wanted to work with Media One Solutions because of their unparalleled performance in radio advertising. This is our first 3D Movie with Chhota Bheem in a new Avtar, the approach towards media had to be different and engaging and interactive. Children related content has an immense scope and we wanted to make sure we are reaching out to our audiences in all forms, be it live interaction through promotions or through radio content.”

Media One Solutions ideated and executed the campaign across all cities that are expected to reach out to lakhs of listeners from across India. The radio agency currently single-handedly manages over 65% of all radio sales for films in India.


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