Google introduces new Trending Topics section within RCI tool for publishers

MUMBAI: Google is introducing a new Trending Topics section within Realtime Content Insights (RCI) tool that provides publishers with more real-time data from Google Trend. The RCI displays real-time Google Analytics data to inform content performance.

In a blog, Google Director of Analytics and Revenue Optimisation, News and Publishing Amy Adams Harding said, “Since its launch, RCI has brought the benefits of real-time analytics to newsrooms of all sizes from over 140 countries. During this time, we’ve learned from our conversations with publishers that our tool has helped editorial teams make content decisions during trending events and cultural moments, like elections.”

She further stated that many publishers are using RCI to keep pace with readers’ interests and popular topics given how quickly political landscapes evolve. “Access to real-time analytics has helped publishers decide which stories to cover and how to get articles in front of the right readers, plus measure audience engagement and identify coverage gaps.”

She gave the example of Dainik Jagran, the most-read newspaper in India, which used RCI to monitor Google Trends and Twitter conversations during the 2019 general elections.

“The tool helped their newsroom understand voter questions about the political race, prioritise covering and promoting the news stories that mattered most to their audience and build loyalty with readers over time. Those strategies resulted in a 450% boost in traffic, 180 percent increase in the time readers spent on their site and 300 percent growth in ad revenue on election day,” she noted.

She noted that Rappler, a social news organisation in the Philippines, also invested in making data central to everyday decision-making during their general election earlier this year. This included equipping employees with the resources and ability to understand and use data. After the election, Rappler used RCI to sustain audience growth and build loyalty.

“They set up RCI’s “newsroom” view, alongside other data dashboards, throughout their offices, so editors can monitor the performance of sections in real-time. This approach resulted in an 8 percent increase in the number of articles read per visit and a 16% increase in average monthly readers year-over-year,” she stated.

Harding stated that over the last few months, the company has heard similar success stories and received feedback from publishers on how to improve the tool. “That’s why we’re introducing a new Trending Topics section within RCI that provides publishers with more real-time data from Google Trends. This information will help newsrooms better understand what readers care about and help inform content creation as news unfolds.”

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