Gaana launches #Dancethebluesaway campaign dedicated to mothers

MUMBAI: Music streaming app Gaana has launched a campaign dedicated to mothers across the world. Taking advantage of its eclectic music library, the brand has curated a special playlist to give moms a break from the day-to-day drudgery and indulge in some refreshing music therapy. The campaign invites mothers to join Gaana and #DanceTheBluesAway with their kids and share their fun videos doing so.

The campaign underlines the hard work and effort that mothers put into maintaining a family and the levels of gloom they might feel all through the day. It hence urges them to stop, ease off and take some time out for themselves and #DanceTheBluesAway on tracks that they enjoy the most.

According to a survey, 1 in 5 new mothers suffer from Postpartum Depression in India and almost 15% fight it for even longer. Gaana endeavours to be the companion for these mothers irrespective of their mood or situation. Acknowledging the efforts and their unwavering resolve and energy to keep the family content, Gaana hopes to help mothers out there designate their own special “me – time” with a playlist comprising some of the biggest hits.

“This campaign is our way to foster ‘me – time’ among mothers and enable them to shift the focus from everyone else to themselves alone, even if it’s once a day. We believe that through the medium of music we can pronounce the importance they hold in our lives and acknowledge the deeper and more overwhelming feelings they go through on a daily basis. #DanceTheBluesAway is aimed at helping mothers across the country to de-stress and unwind by living in the moment,” said Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal.

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