FYI TV 18 to premiere ‘Indian Wedding Race’ on 31 Oct

MUMBAI: Lifestyle channel FYI TV18 is all set to premiere SBS documentary ‘Indian Wedding Race’ on 31 October. The documentary, which has been broken into episodes, will air every Wednesday at 9 pm.

The series traces two families as they navigate the mating maze in their quest to find a husband or wife for their children.

Indian Wedding Race follows the trials and tribulations of two young Indian-Australians Dalvinder and Tarun in their search for love. There’s sure to be broken hearts and high-drama as each navigates their own path to their dream ‘big, fat Indian wedding’.

The two 29-year-olds have to balance the wishes of their traditional Indian parents with their own desire for a love-marriage. But if they don’t get married by 30, they fear that they will be seen as damaged goods and bring shame to their families.

Each embarks on a frantic amusing adventure to find love and get married while juggling the pressures from their very traditional parents and cultural expectations. The journey takes them through the popular online dating world, to astrologers, matchmakers and even down the path of arranged marriage.

Capturing every step of the way on this emotional rollercoaster, the show is a rare and up-close look at the world of Australia’s Indian community as it intimately explores with humour and warmth the pressures and vulnerability that these young people face.