Former NDTV CEO Vikram Chandra launches multilingual video news platform

MUMBAI: Former NDTV Group CEO Vikram Chandra has launched a multilingual video news platform called editor ji that provides a completely different way to experience news on-the-go and seeks to provide personalised newscasts using a powerful AI algorithm.

Chandra has received investment from Bharti Airtel and HT Media for his venture. HT Media has picked up 10% equity in digital content company Editorji Technologies for a cash payment of Rs 10 crore.

Editorji Technologies, the holding company of editor ji was incorporated on 16 January.

editor ji uses AI to enable the linear streaming of multiple video news stories to give a viewer instant access to all the news and information that is of relevance to them. This personalisation will improve as the AI engine is trained on the user’s preferences.

The platform already features more than 100 video stories a day, across genres like politics, international, local stories, sports, business, lifestyle, technology and entertainment. The number of news videos will increase shortly as multiple content providers come online. The platform is in English and Hindi for now, but the number of languages will also increase soon.

Describing the product, editor ji founder Vikram Chandra said, “This platform provides a one-tap access to a personalized newscast that is created by the editor ji algorithm which considers a variety of parameters including location, news categories, preferred style of news and so on. Users can skip stories that they don’t want to see by simply swiping.

“In addition, users have the ability to edit the newscast by deleting stories, changing their order, adding any stories that they want, or even creating a fresh newscast from scratch. They also have the ability to record their own opinions and add these to their newscast – which can then be shared with anyone they want. Then the user becomes the editor ji!”

The editor ji team includes some of the top news media professionals in the country, who have decades of experience both in TV news and in digital formats. This team has been partnered by two of the nation’s most capable technology and design companies. In addition, there has been strategic assistance and partnership from several leading global and Indian firms.

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