FM radio ops seek govt help amid 20% de-growth in ad rev

MUMBAI: Facing ad revenue de-growth to the tune of 20%, the FM radio operators have sought the centre’s intervention to help them come out of the challenging phase. In a statement, the Association of Radio Operations For India (AROI) president Anurradha Prasad Shukla said the radio industry has been struggling to deal with a steep de-growth in advertising expenditure that has been fuelled mainly by a steep fall in government advertising.

“All private radio stations have come together to appeal to the central government for a set of much-needed reforms which are critical for the radio industry, especially in light of the current economic situation, which has been further compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis,” she said in the statement.

Listing out measures that need to be put in place to rescue the industry, she demanded that there should be a one-year waiver of license fees and Prasar Bharti charges for radio stations and restoration of government advertising on radio to normal levels and payment of government dues on advertising from DAVP, NFDC and BSNL.

Since its inception, FM Radio has been an active and responsible partner of the government in the socioeconomic growth of India and has also contributed immensely through responsible messaging during natural and manmade disasters, the statement said.

“Radio has been one of the most responsible mediums of the country for communication at the grassroots level, and there has hardly been any complaint on any content by any radio station received by AROI or otherwise,” the statement said.

It said the health and wellbeing of the radio industry currently rest “on the able shoulders of the Centre”.

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