&flix to premiere crime-thriller ‘Holmes and Watson’ on 6 Oct

MUMBAI: English movie channel &flix is set to air this rib-tickling crime-thriller ‘Holmes and Watson’ as part of ‘Flix First Premiere’, on 6th October at 1:25 pm and 9 pm. The film also airs as a part of Club Privé on 6th October at 3 pm and 11 pm on &Privé HD.

Written and directed by Etan Cohen, the film features a stellar cast comprising Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly with Rebecca Hall, Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, and Ralph Fiennes in supporting roles.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque London landscapes, the film opens with young Sherlock in a class full of bullies. This sharp-witted child is seen putting his genius brain to the task as he conjures up various situations that detain the very bullies from his class.

Cut to present, Sherlock and his childhood aide Dr Watson join forces to investigate a puzzling murder case at London’s exquisite Buckingham Palace. With new twists and clues beginning to emerge, the two set out of a mission to catch the killer before he reaches the Queen.

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