&flix to premiere ‘Brightburn’ on 3 Nov

MUMBAI: English movie channel &flix will premiere ‘Brightburn’ on 3rd November at 1 pm and 9 pm. The premiere is a part of &flix’s first of its kind initiative in India, World Television Premiere, which kicked off with ‘Men In Black: International’ premiere.

Directed by David Yarovesky, the horror and Sci-fi movie stars Elizabeth Banks essaying the role of Tori Breyer, David Denman who portrays the role of Kyle Breyer and Jackson A. Dunn is Brandon Breyer.

Breyers are struggling to start a family in a small town in Kansa, their wish comes true when a random spaceship appears and crashes in their barn with a small infant in it. As he grows, He turns out to be a dream come true for the family and he appears to be everything Tori and Kyle have ever wanted as a kid. The real problem begins when Brandon hits puberty and the family notices his dark side coming ahead.

With every rejection he faces, his violent nature starts to erupt. Brandon’s weird way of expressing anger has caused chaos in the city and the police want to put an end to this. Who will win? An unknown kid from space or the people of Kansas.

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