&flix to premiere ‘A.X.L’, ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ on 25 Aug

MUMBAI: In the lead up to International Dog Day, &flix is all set to premiere ‘A.X.L’ and ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ on 25th August, 7 pm onwards.

A science-fiction film that thrives on adventure, ‘A.X.L’ depicts the story of a teenage boy who encounters and befriends one of the military’s most-confidential creations – a robotic dog. Code-named by the scientists who created him, A.X.L stands for Attack, Exploration, Logistics whose sole purpose is to protect the soldiers. Created with the most advanced, next-generation artificial intelligence, A.X.L in the film goes absconding due to an experiment gone wrong. As fate would have it, young Miles (Alex Neustaedter) chances upon this robotic invention who is found hiding in the desert.

Soon the two build a strong connection and a beautiful camaraderie based on trust, loyalty, and compassion. The pressure soon builds as the military, with the fear of this superior-tech reaching the wrong hands, is seen on a hunt to bring back A.X.L. The film features the duo in a deadly face-off with the scientists as the two go to any lengths to protect each other in an epic adventure. Will they survive this battle?

‘A lot can happen between lost and found’. ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ is the story of Bella, a young pup who grows up in the arms of her loving owner Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King) also featuring Emmy Award Winner Edward James Olmos. However, this unconditional bond is soon broken as she is separated from her beloved owner. Kept in a strange new home, miles away from Lucas, Bella soon escapes into the wilderness and prepares for a 400-mile journey to find her way back home.

The film traces her spirited encounters with the many new people she meets along the way as she adds a sparkle of hope and happiness to their troubled lives. Abandoned yet motivated, will Bella finally find her way back home?

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