Facebook to share 55% ad rev with video publishers in India

MUMBAI: Social media giant Facebook will start sharing ad revenue with video publishers in a bid to encourage more content creators to use the platform to reach out to their target audience and earn ad revenue based on consumption.

The platform has introduced ad breaks before or during qualifying videos to assist video creators to earn money. Creators in India who join ad breaks will get a 55% share of the revenue from the video ads shown to the viewer. Ad breaks will available for eligible partners in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and English.

In order to be eligible for ad revenue share, videos will have to be published from a page that has at least 10,000 followers and not a profile. A content creator needs to have 30,000 one minute views of videos in 60 days.

Google’s YouTube, which is the biggest video platform for content creators, also works on 55:45 ratio with content creators getting 55% of the ad revenue earned.

The ad breaks feature was rolled out by Facebook during a ‘Creator Day’ event in Mumbai last week. The aim of the event was to engage with video creators from all over the country and educate and create awareness about its efforts to help them manage their presence, engage their fans, and build their business on the platform.

At the event, Facebook announced that is finding more ways to support Indian publishers and creators build a community of passionate fans and earn money with its new monetisation tools.

The platform has also launched Brand Collabs Manager tool which will help brands to find creators to collaborate with for branded content opportunities on Facebook. With Brand Collabs Manager, the creators can quickly create a portfolio so that brands can learn more about them and get in touch easily for brand partnerships. It will be available in India in 2019.

Facebook noted that from the very beginning, the video has been exceptional in its effectiveness to connect people through storytelling. It is emotional and personal. It brings people together like no other medium. At Facebook, we strongly believe this presents a huge opportunity to bring back the magic of social experiences around video. With this focus driving us forward, we are constantly working towards building and enabling video experiences that connect people.

“The biggest trend that Indian digital industry has witnessed in consumer behavior, is rapid growth in the adoption of video. We’re seeing consumer videos exploding on our platform and today, video has become one of the biggest drivers of engagement growth on Facebook. Besides community content, where people share their experiences, we are a platform where professional content creators come to find an audience and also earn money. Facebook Creator Day reinforces our continued commitment to support the publishers and creator community in India, helping them grow and monetize their videos on the platform,” said Facebook head of product for video Paresh Rajwat.

Attendees at the event also gained insights into Facebook’s efforts to support Indian publishers and creators build and sustain a community of passionate fans and earn money with its new monetisation tools. In addition, creators also got the opportunity to share their stories, discuss ideas for future collaborations, swap learnings and test the latest products.


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