Eros Now to stream content on OnePlus TV

MUMBAI: Video streaming platform Eros Now has inked a strategic deal with OnePlus, the global technology brand, for the highly anticipated OnePlus TV in India.

The new partnership will enable OnePlus TV customers to seamlessly access Eros Now content as well as find their favorite Eros Now programs using innovative functionality available on the TV set along with spectacular visual and sound experience powered by Dolby technology.

The expansion will bring an extensive library of Bollywood and programming content from Eros Now to the 4K resolution, quantum dot QLED display panels, enhancing the viewing experience with high-definition video and the audio experience, both powered by Dolby technology.

Eros Now’s partnership with OnePlus will boost engagement with the brand, as the synergy between Bollywood and originals content with the performance of Smart TV will further enhance the repertoire and offerings for Indian consumers. Both the device and the service are powered by Dolby technology, which will further elevate the experience for the Indian consumers.

“We are delighted to partner with OnePlus and Dolby to bring quality content and technology within the premises of all our viewers. With Eros Now’s stellar lineup of content powered by Dolby technology, we will continue to deliver compelling content seamlessly to OnePlus TV viewers. This will not only enable consumers to widen their horizons and seek real entertainment but also facilitate us with deeper penetration into the market,” said Eros Digital CEO Rishika Lulla Singh.

“Today we are at a cusp of a revolution in India and are excited to partner with Eros Now for our upcoming OnePlus TV. We envisage this as a forward-thinking partnership which will emerge as the next big deal amidst the entertainment and advanced tech and telecom industry,” said OnePlus India General Manager Vikas Agarwal.

“India has been a key market for us, and we understand the pulse of our audience and so does Eros Now with their vast library of compelling content. Together, we will be delivering the best viewing experience to our end consumers.”

Dolby Laboratories Managing Director, Emerging Markets Pankaj Kedia added, “We are excited to work with OnePlus and with Eros Now to enable the TV and the service with Dolby technology, that will transform the highly anticipated OnePlus TV into an entertainment powerhouse. Eros Now subscribers can now enjoy their favorite content powered by Dolby technology.”

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