Epic TV to launch new show ‘Hit The Road, India’ on 7 Nov

MUMBAI: Hindi infotainment channel Epic TV has planned an unusual treat for its viewers with a new show ‘Hit The Road, India’ which will air from 7 November every Wednesday at 10 pm.

‘Hit The Road, India’ is a 4-part series and follows two friends who participate in an audacious 12-day rickshaw rally across India; from Mumbai to Chennai. Hit The Road, India escapade has been recognized by the prestigious travel outlet Lonely Planet as one of the top-10 greatest adventures. Hit The Road entertains through a string of events packed with escapades, music, lifestyle, and all the adrenaline innate in travel.

American Ric Gazarian and Canadian Keith King, captivated by the sub-culture of rallies that take place around the world, sign up for the Rickshaw Challenge in India. The challenge takes them on a 1900-kilometer journey as they ride the three-wheeler so ubiquitous in India across hills, beaches, valleys, dirt tracks, and countless incredible surprises during this incredible journey. The short-series is another distinct feather in the brimming cap of Epic travel shows including Wilderness Days, Road Less Travelled, Indipedia, Ekaant, Sanrachna, and Kahi Suni that showcase India in ways never before attempted.

Speaking on the launch of the new show, Epic TV head programming Akul Tripathi said “Providing differentiated content that surprises and engages audiences is at the heart of Epic programming. Stories of, and from India fascinate us, and the audiences have consistently echoed our sentiment. Hit The Road, India is a worthy addition to our eclectic collection of India-centric content and we are sure that it will be well received.”

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