Epic TV to launch Lootere S3 on 14 June

MUMBAI: Hindi infotainment channel Epic TV is bringing back its docu-drama ‘Lootere – Bandits of British India’ for a third season from 14 June at 10 pm.

The third installment of the series features stories of the famous bandits of India who were branded hereditary dacoits by the British striving to attain mastery of a land and people they were still struggling to understand.

Times were tumultuous in 19th century India. The waning Mughal power and the upsurge of the British Empire was eradicating old ways and setting new trends. There were many who suffered on this cusp of cultures. Some turned to looting the rich; not always distributing amongst the poor. Lootere brings alive these troubled times with the thrill of a cops and robbers chase.

Epic TV content and programming head Akul Tripathi said, “Local communities and tribes such as the Waghers, Bheels, Sanyasis, and Banjaras resorted to looting and plundering in a time of great social and political upheaval. Often, for the acts of some, entire tribes were branded as hereditary dacoits and kept on the fringes of society – a wrong that was corrected only post-independence. Season 3 of Lootere tells the story of these tribes.”

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