DQ Entertainment plans to launch its own SVoD, TVoD platforms

MUMBAI: Animation content creation and distribution company DQ Entertainment (DQE) plans to launch its kids specific Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) and Transaction Video on Demand (TVoD) platforms.

“DQE also plans to launch its own kids specific Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) and Transaction Video on Demand (TVoD) Platform going forward,” the company said in its annual report for FY19.

DQE has already ventured into the digital domain with the launch of YouTube channels Power Kids and Tiny Toonz. The two channels have been performing well with steady revenues.

Power Kids showcases animated content for children 5 years and above while Tiny Toonz TV is for kids less than 5 years of age. With more than 2.5 Million subscribers the channel is growing rapidly and has collectively received over 189 million views in the year with the combined total number of watch time in minutes on both these channels being well over one billion.

The company said it will deepen the engagement with consumers in the new media universe. “With a rapidly expanding new media universe, we recognise the need for deeper engagement with consumers in this space by further leveraging our existing and future IPs.”

DQE also stated that the company’s performance has more or less been stable in the financial year 2018-19. It also claimed that the company has been managing the operation from its own internal accruals with no external funding since 2016.

It also noted that financial constraints have hampered the company’s ability to invest any monies in new IP’s or for the monetisation of its existing IP’s. All efforts are being made by the management, with limited resources available to explore alternative platforms to exploit and monetize its IP’s.

“The management is very hopeful that the digital platform will give the boost to the Company for its growth and revenue in the coming years,” it stated.

The company is also focussed on improving operational efficiencies and the consolidation of artistic and technical skillsets continues, with productivity improvements being recognised across all processes of production.

The company has a good order book of production for the next two to three years and as stated above, has strong growth plans on the licensing and merchandising front. The company has several IPs out of which five direct IPs namely Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Psammy Show, Lassie.

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