Discovery, Discovery World HD to air ‘Tigerland’ docu on 29 Jul

MUMBAI: The documentary ‘Tigerland’ will air on Discovery, Discovery World HD on 29th July 2019 at 8 pm. It tells the story of two men dedicated their lives to alter the fate of the Tiger. Directed by Academy-Award winning filmmaker Ross Kauffman ‘Born into Brothels’ and produced by Oscar-winner Fisher Stevens ‘The Cove’, ‘Tigerland’ is the story about our relationship with the tiger.

Shot in India and Russia, ‘Tigerland’ spotlights the efforts of Kailash Sankhala, the ever-passionate Indian naturalist and conservationist who was also famously known as the Tiger-Man of India. From Russia’s perspective, the documentary highlights the inspirational story of Pavel Fomenko, Director of Rare Species Conservation, World Wildlife Fund and his work towards protecting tigers. Tigerland will premiere in India on Discovery Channel and Discovery World HD on 29th July 2019 at 8 pm IST.

About a century ago, India was home to over 40,000 tigers, this number has since then fallen to an alarming 2200 plus today. The documentary highlights the dire effects this depletion in numbers of the tigers has had on the environment and how important it is to save the majestic species to protect the ecosystem.

“The premiere of Tigerland is a continuation of our strategy of shining light on the important issue of Tiger conservation and raising awareness about this important issue globally. As a corporate, we are already taking affirmative action to help conserve the world’s most iconic and endangered species. Through Project CAT and our association with WWF India, we support tiger conservation initiatives on-ground to help secure wild tiger populations in critical sites” said Discovery South Asia MD Megha Tata.

Talking in detail about the plight of tigers in the wilds of India today, Amit Sankhala, grandson of Kailash Sankhala said, “The challenges that tigers face today are different from those of the time of my grandfather. Today, habitat loss and encroachment are the biggest threats to tigers. Mining, farming and roads, all put enormous pressures on the habitat.”

The documentary also explores the Siberian Tigers of Russia as Pavel Fomenko narrates the heart-warming story of the birth of the Bikin National Park to protect Tigers. Pavel recounts the truth behind the mystery of the missing tigers from the world species map.