Discovery collaborates with Taproot Dentsu to promote main bouquet pack

MUMBAI: Discovery Communications India (DCIN) has collaborated with Taproot Dentsu to promote their Rs 8 bouquet pack which offers nine channels across multiple genres.

Speaking about the campaign, Taproot Dentsu Executive Creative Director Pallavi Chakravarti said, “Our challenge lay in landing a tactical, price-point related message without losing the brand essence of exploration that Discovery epitomises. Using the visual device of binoculars flipping to the number 8 was, to our minds, a simple, engaging way to drive home the point effortlessly. Hopefully people will find something new about the ad every time they see it, just like they will learn something new every time they will watch a channel from the Discovery Pack.”

Speaking about the campaign, Discovery Communications India Director Original Content & Marketing Vednarayan Sirdeshpande said, “Discovery endeavours to tell stories that makes you learn more about your world and open new worlds. It becomes the road that bridges audience curiosity around topics, passion points, people and places. The communication aims to establish the brand as the catalyst in giving audiences the ‘window to the world @Rs. 8 with an interesting visual device that is memorable. It also emphasises on our network brand offering, a plethora of content choices at the most appropriate price.”

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