Delhi-based JOP Network in talks to raise funds for future growth

MUMBAI: Content producer and distributor JOP Network is in talks to raise funds to grow the company further.

Founded in 2014 by Urvi Agarwal, JOP Network provides homegrown high-quality content company in the fitness, health & entertainment space specializing in channel curation, distribution, and syndication. Aggarwal founded the JOP at the age of 23.

Delhi-based JOP Network in talks to raise funds for future growth“Currently, we are cash flow positive with most of our inflows being directed at launching new channels. We are currently in talks with a few funds for a fundraise to help us grow faster,” she told

JOP was started with a seed capital of Rs 5-7 crore. “I have to mention my family’s backing and relentless support. My parents backed by me even at the ideation stage and helped me at every step of the way. The seed capital of approx. INR 5-7 Cr came from my parents.”

The company was founded at a time when dedicated channels catering to the specific lifestyle needs of their audiences were limited. JOP Network looks to bridge this gap and provide content focused on fitness, health, and recreation for viewers looking to put their personal well-being first.

Agarwal is a banker turned media entrepreneur. After working on a few deals for broadcasters, she realised that there was a dearth of specialty/niche channels in the Indian landscape. That’s how the idea of JOP came about.

“Globally, there were specific channels to one’s everyday lifestyle needs, from fitness to even fishing. Fitness and wellness as a movement was slowly but steadily gaining momentum in the Indian landscape and I felt that the genre could be well represented on TV,” she stated.

Today, with over 25 million viewers across 30 countries, JOP produces and curates content for Indian and international markets distributed via own channels as well as leading global television networks like Discovery, Fox Traveler, Airtel DTH, Astro Malaysia, GAIA US and in-flight channels of Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways to name a few.

JOP has two lines of businesses: content sales and linear channel distribution. It was among the first few to break away from the free-to-air model and in a strategic move brokered a partnership with Airtel DTH instead – the second largest DTH platform – to launch its own active channel, Fitness Studio (Channel 103) in 2018.

“On average, we produce approximately 60 to 70 hours of Fitness and Wellness content in-house in a year. We have a strong network of partners/studios/production houses globally from whom we acquire the remaining.”

Offering expert advice from the likes of Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Mandira Bedi, Vinod Channa, Namrata Purohit and James Crossley to name a few, the channel answers to the health, wellness and nutrition needs of its viewers.