Dedicated TV channels needed for showing short films in India: Bikramjit Gupta

MUMBAI: There should be dedicated TV channels and OTT platforms for showcasing short films in India, said Bikramjit Gupta, Director of Hindi non-feature film ‘Bridge’.

“There are many film festivals for short films nowadays. Due to social media short films are gaining popularity also. But we need more ways to monetize them,” he said. Bikramjit Gupta was attending a media conference at the 50th International Film Festival of India today in Panaji.

Sharing the genesis of his movie, Bikramjit said that the film is about the bond between a taxi driver and a mute girl who later in the film, turned out to be not mute.

“The city of Mumbai has a vibrant nightlife. It never sleeps. I have met a lot of people who are on the roads at night. There was this kind of feeling of insecurity and danger to those who are on pavements. What will happen if someone who is in flesh trade, finds a small girl on the road? Will he help her or will he behave like a beast. That thought inspired me to make this film,” he said.

On asked if it is better to write one’s own script and direct it, the filmmaker said, “It is not necessary but whenever one writes a script, they visualise the film for sure.”

Replying to questions of funding, Bikramjit said, “You just need to reach out to people. Knock on all doors and ask them to see your story, there is no other way. I am not from affluent family to produce myself.”

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