DD extends bid submission deadline for appointing agency to monitor 'must carry' channels

MUMBAI: Public broadcaster Doordarshan has extended the deadline for bid submission and the opening of technical bids for appointing an agency to monitor DD’s ‘must carry’ channels on cable TV headends and direct to home (DTH) platforms to 5 December.

This is the second time that the pubcaster has extended the deadline for bid submission. Earlier, the bid submission date was extended from 21 November from the original deadline of 13 November.

Apparently, the pubcaster wants more bidders to participate in the bidding process.

As reported earlier, DD is looking engage an agency for monitoring and reporting of whether its ‘must carry’ channels are being carried by distribution platform operators (DPOs). The pubcaster had issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the same.

The work involves ascertaining whether must carry channels of Doordarshan are being carried and available on the distribution network of all DPOs throughout the country in rural as well as urban areas.

The carrying and availability of Doordarshan Channels on DPOs platform is mandatory as per Cable TV Act of Government of India. The agency will have to submit area wise detailed report to Directorate General Doordarshan.

The shortlisted bidder will have to carry out monitoring & reporting of Doordarshan’s must carry channels on Cable Headends / DTH Platforms in the entire Country for Doordarshan.

The broad objectives are to:

a) Evaluate the extent of penetration for DD Channels in the rural part of India.

b) Evaluate the extent of penetration for DD Channels in the urban part of India.

c) Identify the hindrances of reach of DD channels to the viewers, if any.

Shortlisted bidder(s) will have to undertake the following work:

i) Monitoring & Reporting of Doordarshan’s must carry Channels on Cable Head-ends / DTH Platforms, Collection of data and preparation of reports on weekly basis from the field throughout urban & rural India. The study must be conducted covering 100% of total registered head-end operators of respective towns and villages.

ii) The successful bidder must be able to develop the software tool for storage of data, display in desired format and production of desired reports.

iii) The software tool should be able to show essential information like

i. Name of the City

ii. Name of the Village

iii. Head-end details (MSO and LCO name)

iv. Name of DD Channel

v. LCN No. and Frequency details

vi. Genre

vii. Package Name

viii. Digital / Analog (TV channel No.)

ix. Availability of Channel etc.

iv) The tool should be password protected and secured from any type of cyber threat, loss of data, etc.

v) Doordarshan should be able to view the complete detail of DD Channels along with their competitors’ distribution status across key markets at MSO and LCO level in rural villages and urban towns across India.

vi) Analysis of at least 04 nearest neighbourhood Channels above and below the DD channel, to assess the probable placement of the Channel for optimum viewership in rural villages and urban towns.

vii) Connectivity summary of TV homes split between analog, digital cable and DTH in rural villages and urban towns.

viii) Prepare and submit reports and data to Doordarshan as per requirement.

ix) Deadline for Weekly Report – First day of every week, i.e., Monday.


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