D-Box sees opportunity in enhancing the theatrical experience in India

MUMBAI: Canadian motion technology player D-Box Technologies sees the partnership with multiplex chain PVR as the stepping stone towards its full-fledged entry into the Indian market.

D-Box has partnered with PVR for Yash Raj Films’ movie ‘War’. As part of the partnership, PVR will offer D-Box seats which offer a motion-based experience to moviegoers in order to make them feel a part of the action. PVR’s plan is to have D-Box seats for around 70-80 Hollywood movies. Starting with ‘War’, the two companies are looking to collaborate for 10-15 local films.

D-Box VP marketing Vanessa Moisan-Willis said that the deal with PVR is non-exclusive and she called it a great entry into India. The company is present in 42 countries and 720 screens. The journey in India is starting and she is confident of a positive response once the economic upside is felt.

“We have been in the business for 10 years. On the Hollywood side, we have an established relationship with the studios. So when we talk with them the process moves quickly. Then we have directors or producers who will come to approve the code or the motion. On the local side in India, we are starting to build relationships. We are starting off with a strong studio with ‘War’. Of course, we have the support of exhibitors. They promote the title in the format. The studio gives us the assets so that we can add our assets,” Moisan-Willis said.

She added that three weeks is the ideal amount of time to work on integrating D-Box technology with the film. But on average, the company gets two week’s time. “Adding motion to a movie completes the consumer experience” she avers. Her expectation is that with ‘War’ coming out many more film producers will try out the technology and see the impact of business.

She said that the company does a lot of research including how people like motion versus non-motion, the screen versus the motion versus the sound. “We are in a totally different category of immersion. The moviegoer looking for that special moment and experience goes for technology like D-Box. We always fine-tune the artistry behind the product. We challenge ourselves and make sure that the motion is at par and happens at the right moment and place. We send out groups of people to test the content once it goes out. We collect information and readjust.”

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