Creating safe content for kids is a top priority for Netflix: Melissa Cobb

MUMBAI: Netflix VP original animation Melissa Cobb has said that the top-most priority for the internet entertainment platform is to create safe content for kids. Cobb was speaking about the company’s plans at M&E conclave APOS 2019.

She further stated that the focus in thinking about the preschool audience is not only about what’s appropriate for them developmentally it is also about what Netflix can bring to their development.

“So there’s a lot of social and emotional education. And then we’re also thinking about how kids develop over time, and we make sure there’s a range of content for every age. About 75 percent of the kids’ and family content we make is animated,” she said.

Cobb spoke about the shows being made including ‘Mighty Little Bheem’, which is its first original animation from India. Other new projects include ‘Pashmina’ from Gurinder Chadha, an animated musical, and a show based on ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.

Meanwhile, in another session at APOS, Netflix’s global head of business development Bill Holmes shed light on his company’s mobile-only subscription experiments. The company has rolled out mobile-only subscription offerings in Thailand, India, and Malaysia.

Talking about the impact of these plans, Holmes said, “We’re excited about the growth we have seen, but we still have a tremendous way to go. For us, it’s really about constantly looking in each market at what are the next friction points we can address and how do we continue to improve the service to offer more value to our members.”

He also noted that Netflix will broadly roll-out models that work. However, if a model is not working then the platform will keep working on it. “We might find that one new model works very well, and we’ll roll that out broadly, or we might find that the current way we’re testing it is not effective and we’ll keep working on it, but basically as a plan that is considerably less expensive than our basic plan, about half the price. So we’ll see if that works from the perspective of not just acquiring new members, but also in terms of retention and paid revenue if that is a win for us.”

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