Cosmos-Maya to spawn 10 TV films, one theatrical release based on ‘Selfie With Bajrangi’

MUMBAI: Animation studio Cosmos-Maya is planning to launch 10 TV films and a theatrical film based on its original IP ‘Selfie With Bajrangi’, which airs on Disney’s Hungama TV.

After two successful runs on Disney’s Hungama TV in Summer and Diwali last year, the recently launched third run, comprising brand new episodes of the second season of the show, has also garnered high ratings.

Bajrangi is the contemporary, child version of the Indian God Hanuman. According to Cosmos-Maya, Bajrangi is an admired character due to the fact that it has the ability to speak to viewers in the universal language of relatability. The protagonist Ankush’s life changes when he meets Bajrangi, the nine-year-old child version of the Indian God, who no one but he can see.

The show is modeled on kids’ day to day lives and encapsulates the nuances of Indian culture in an entertaining format. Bajrangi does not just help his buddy Ankush with his day to day problems, he helps comfort the millions of kids who watch the show. The show has become an everyday affair for families and Ankush and Bajrangi have become household names.

Jubilant on the development, Cosmos-Maya CEO Anish Mehta said, “Selfie With Bajrangi has just exploded. Programming of the show was just as important as the creative aspect and I’ll take this opportunity to thank Disney team.”

Creator of Selfie With Bajrangi and Cosmos-Maya SVP, Development & Current Projects Dheeraj Berry added, “With Selfie With Bajrangi, we ticked all the boxes pertaining to Indian entertainment. There is the beloved Hanuman, there is a quintessential Indian family, there are mild antagonists. Basically, it is a very feel-good show that the entire family can enjoy. Thank you to Disney for helping us build this brand with their innovative programming strategies.”

Cosmos-Maya foresees L&M potential for ‘Selfie with Banjrangi’ given its consistent success. Mehta further added, “We are now our own competitors. ‘Selfie With Bajrangi’ is everything Motu Patlu is not. L&M is the next logical step with this proven and consistent success. Motu Patlu’s foray into consumer products began two years after its launch. ‘Selfie With Bajrangi’ has taken lesser time in establishing itself as a highly relatable brand.”

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