Cosmos-Maya sets its eyes on content acquisition with launch of WowKidz Distribution

MUMBAI: Asian animation company Cosmos-Maya has set up its distribution arm WowKidz Distribution as part of its next big focus on becoming the global content gateway.

WowKidz Distribution aims at being the one-stop-shop for all distribution requirements of global animation content players starting with the widely growing big market of Asia and then moving to the rest of the world. WowKidz is an AVOD platform with more than 30 million subscribers and 14 billion views.

Content acquisition is one of the key focus areas for the studio in the first stage of this distribution initiative. While successful collaborations are on with the likes of Fantawild Animation and Nelvana Enterprises, this MIPCOM there will be a dedicated ‘acquisitions’ team from Cosmos-Maya to ensure that the best of content is acquired for distribution.

Cosmos-Maya claims to command a 65% share of the Indian domestic animation production market, producing 50 half hours a month to add to its existing content bank of 2000 half hours, to a multitude of European Co-Productions, the studio has been focusing on bringing about change in the dynamically evolving market.

“Our production might is one of our biggest strengths as a studio and we have been distributing our own content successfully across APAC. Thereby venturing further into the distribution arena with successful international brands, through WowKidz Distribution was the next logical & synergistic business decision,” said Cosmos-Maya CEO Anish Mehta.

The company noted that distribution continues to be the biggest lacuna in the business today as the content creation is burgeoning and there is an increase in focus on localisation in each of the markets thereby creating a hindrance in the larger distribution. With its established network across the value-chain, Cosmos-Maya aims to bridge this gap and WowKidz Distribution is the first step in that direction.

The company claimed that it has an added advantage whereby it can leverage the extensive network of Emerald Media, the Pan-Asian media investment platform backed by US private equity giant KKR, which has a controlling stake in the company.

Mehta said, “The onus will be on acquiring best in class American, European and Chinese content, the seeds of which have already been sown. WowKidz Distribution will be a massive gateway to Asia for the high-quality animation content produced by North America and Europe. WowKidz Distribution, while making the best brands from these regions accessible to Asian audiences, aims to infuse the creative and cultural sensibilities of Asia to the content. We will follow a three-pronged ‘Glocalisation’ approach – marketing, dubbing and syndication of the content. Our knowledge and distribution experience of local Asian markets coupled with our creative prowess enables us to add that extra zing by dubbing and localizing the content and making it ready for consumption. Asian audiences will now have the best of all worlds.”

“With WowKidz Distribution, we will be the gateway for global content, into Asia to begin with and then scale up the geographies. The groundwork for the same has been on for a while and come MIPCOM and we will announce our first slate of acquisitions,” said Cosmos-Maya senior VP revenue, corporate strategy Devdatta Potnis who is overseeing this initiative for the studio with a dedicated WowKidz Distribution cadre from his 10 member team.

“WowKidz Distribution is an effort that will negate the geographical and language barrier for content and through our network across the world, will address the need gap in the market effectively,” said Cosmos-Maya head business development Europe Joris Eckelkamp.

The studio has larger plans to become a 360 degree player in the global animation circles. More, much more is in the offing that will be announced at this month’s entertainment content marketplace Mipcom in France.

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