Contiloe’s second VFX Studio set for launch in Bhubaneswar

MUMBAI: Content production house Contiloe Pictures and Films is set to throw open its second VFX Studio in Bhubaneshwar from 5th March.

With this facility, the Contiloe team aims to provide a platform to nurture promising talent, mentor and groom them to create game-changing content across genres. Additionally, the team will go through training in the production house’s Bhubaneshwar & Mumbai facility. The VFX studio will be currently operating from a 5000 square foot facility, however, plan to expand this to 1.5 lakh square feet.

“Today there is increasing demand for quality content strengthened by advanced visual effect, both in the domestic and international market. We understand this growing need and the facility is set to with the intention of offering exceptional Animation and World Class VFX. Riding on the creative talent that resides in Odisha, we believe will help us create skilled talent for the animation and visual effects industry,” said Contiloe Pictures and Films Founder & CEO Abhimanyu Singh.