Comscore releases list of top 5 news/information sites on India general election results day

MUMBAI: Comscore’s analysis of the top sites in the News/Information category based on different metrics on General Election results day has revealed how users accessed these sites and their behaviour across devices, namely desktop and Android smartphones.

The 2019 Indian general election was held in seven phases from 11th April to 19th May 2019, with the results released on 23rd May 2019.

News/Information sites provide news and information regarding conventional and unconventional issues. This category also contains sites with articles and periodicals on current events and weather.

News/Information audience on Desktop and Android smartphone

Comscore Enterprise Sales Director Ramanujam Pobbisetty noted that India is home to one of the largest mobile-first populations as a percentage of its digital population with users accessing sites exclusively through their mobile devices. Overall, the number of unique visitors (UVs) accessing News/Information sites on their Android smartphone is significantly higher than desktop UVs, with Times Internet Limited ranking first.

He noted that Dailyhunt, which was not in the top five entities in terms of desktop UVs, was ranked fifth with over 12 million Android smartphone UVs on 23rf May 2019. The single-day Android smartphone UVs to the top five sites compose of 26%, 17%, 17%, 18% and 25% of their respective monthly reported numbers in May 2019.

The top five entities in terms of desktop UVs on 23 May 2019 were Network 18, Times Internet Limited, NDTV, India Today Group and ABP News Network, each of which had more than 1 million desktop UVs. The single-day desktop UVs to the top five entities compose of 17%, 13%, 22%, 15% and 34% of their respective monthly reported numbers in May 2019. The top five entities in May 2019 were Times Internet Limited, Network 18, India Today Group, NDTV, and The Indian Express Group.

News Information Audience

Looking at regional language entities, ABP News Network and Dailyhunt ranked first in terms of the most desktop UVs and Android smartphone UVs respectively, Pobbisetty stated.

“Based on number of desktop page views, we see that at first position, Times Internet Limited had more than 28 million desktop page views on 23 May 2019. In terms of page views from Android smartphone web browsers, we also see that visitors on their android smartphone web browser visited multiple pages, with Times Internet Limited having the highest number of page views. It is also worth noting that Zee Digital had a relatively high number of page views from Android smartphone web browsers considering that it was not in the top five ranking in terms of desktop page views,” he added.

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