Comedy Central launches #ChooserNotLoser campaign for elections

MUMBAI: This Election season English entertainment channel Comedy Central is running a campaign aimed at reminding viewers that in Indian democracy, we have the right to vote and choose our leader. And this reminder comes in the form of three satirical videos that aim at not only tickling the funny bone of viewers but also cajole them to realize their duty as a responsible citizen of our country.

Contrary to most election campaigns that aim to either encourage citizens to vote by applying an emotional or motivational overtone, Comedy Central presents them with a hard-hitting question, “Are you a Chooser or a Loser?” Urging viewers to understand the importance of their vote, that can eventually be the difference between someone who makes their decisions and one that’s made to live with the choices made by others.

Commenting on the campaign, Viacom18 head Youth, Music & English Entertainment Ferzad Palia said, “India is a young country, with nearly 15 million voters newly eligible for the upcoming general elections. Being a responsible brand that appeals and resonates with the country’s youth as well as other age-groups, Comedy Central adopted an approach that’s synonymous with its spirit to evangelize the importance of each vote. Driving the message through cleverly curated videos with a comic narrative yet an underlining powerful call to action, we hope to influence every citizen to go out and exercise their right to vote.”

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