Cinépolis installs wireless VR Gaming Zone in Pune

MUMBAI: In a move to bring immersive and interactive virtual reality (VR) content to movie-goers, Cinépolis has installed India’s first state-of-the-art wireless VR Gaming Zone at Cinépolis Seasons Mall, Pune.

The Cinépolis VR Gaming Zone will provide an experience for patrons with the first wireless virtual reality lounge. The key differentiators that set Cinépolis VR apart from others is that it is completely wireless – which means one can roam freely & has ultra-low latency – which means no motion sickness for the player. It also has multi-player and multi-location support. So you can team up with your friend in another Cinépolis to play the game.

This technology will be rolled-out to metro cities in the expansion phase. The gaming content will also be regularly updated.

Cinépolis Asia MD Javier Sotomayor said, “At Cinépolis, we remain committed to providing an exceptional customer experience to our patrons. We are proud to launch India’s first wireless VR gaming zone at Cinépolis Seasons, Pune. Gradually we will introduce this offering in other cities as well. In the future, we will look to bring more such offerings for the enjoyment of our patrons.”

Cinépolis India Director – Strategic Initiatives Devang Sampat said, “Launch of Cinépolis VR is yet another initiative to engage with our customers and provide limitless possibilities of pure entertainment. VR is an upcoming trend in the entertainment industry and we are sure our patrons will have a great time discovering new dimensions of entertainment. We are also glad to host Akshay Kumar for this launch.”

The technology boasts several USPs, like no motion sickness and full-motion tracking. Full physical motion and highly accurate positional tracking eliminates user disorientation and allows for a complete spatial experience of the environment. Cinépolis VR’s wireless technology and untethered headsets allow free movement for ease-of-use, which is a critical element to support multiple participants in the same virtual space. The Cinépolis VR Gaming Zone has 2 VR pods equipped with this latest technology – which distorts the line between what’s real and what’s not.

The VR lounge offers Time Zombies, Barking Irons, Planktos, and Dronestorm.

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