Bring out the inside Kung Fu master in you with Shaolin Masters Festival only on Zee Action

MUMBAI: Zee Action – India’s one-stop destination for action movies is all set to commence the Shaolin Masters Festival, starting every Friday, 8pm from 4th October to 22nd November 2019! From Kung Fu classics like Return to the 36th Chamber, to hidden gems like Boxer Rebellion; Shaolin Masters Festival will feature a special range of classic Kung Fu movies showcasing bullet-paced action sequences, and some of the most extreme fight moves ever recorded!

Movie TitleDate
Return to the 36th Chamber04-Oct-19
Disciples of the 36th Chamber11-Oct-19
Invincible Shaolin18-Oct-19
Five Superfighters25-Oct-19
Snake in the eagle shadow01-Nov-19
2 Champions of Shaolin08-Nov-19
Drunken Master15-Nov-19
Boxer Rebellion22-Nov-19

Kung Fu classic Return to the 36th Chamber features the Liu brothers at their best, along with some sharp tricks up their sleeves. Laced with abundant comedy, the film is set to air on 4th October 2019. Coming in the week after on 11th October, is Disciples of the 36th Chamber, the lethal follow-up to the former title. Invincible Shaolin features on 18th October, which will showcase the brutal war between North Shaolin and South Shaolin, followed by the revenge action flick Five Superfighters on 25th October. November marks the month of Kung Fu God – Jackie Chan featuring the special Snake in The Eagle Shadow on 1st November, followed by Drunken Master on 15th November. Mysterious action blasters Two Champions of Shaolin and Boxer Rebellion will air on the 8th November and 22nd November respectively.

~ Come celebrate the classics with Kung Fu maestros from 4th October – 22nd November, every Friday at 8PM only on Zee Action! ~

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