BrainBaazi live trivia show crosses 500,000 concurrent viewers, claims Times Internet

MUMBAI: Times Internet has claimed that its live trivia show BrainBaazi has set a new record as 555,572 users simultaneously tuned in and played its live quiz game show at 9 pm, with 18,782 viewers winning and splitting the bumper prize money of Rs. 5 lakh.

Launched in February 2018, BrainBaazi has already become India’s leading trivia app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is owned by Times Internet, India’s largest digital products company.

BrainBaazi is a live video trivia show, with 11 questions every day. Viewers have a few seconds to answer each question, and anyone who answers all questions correctly shares the prize.

“BrainBaazi is inclusive for all audiences across India. Today, our ‘BaaziGars’ include everyone from teenagers to stay-at-home Moms to working professionals from over 220 cities across India. It’s the entertainment, adrenaline rush, and the thrill of winning that drives ‘BaaziGars’ to come back every day at 9 pm,” Times Internet CEO Gautam Sinha.

BrainBaazi offers a seamless live experience for lakhs of users, across varied mobile devices and bandwidth speeds. For slower connections, it offers text-only and data-saver options. Additionally, BrainBaazi instantly transfers its prize money to every winner’s mobile wallet at the end of the show – a huge delight factor for its users.

In the next three months, BrainBaazi expects to reach 1 million concurrent users. Currently available in English and Hindi, the app plans to add more Indian regional languages to further widen its appeal.

“BrainBaazi is not just a live trivia quiz game show, it’s ‘interactive television,” added Sinha. “Bringing together video, mobile and a live anchor is a potent platform for innovation. Our vision is to become the new primetime of India, with further innovative live experiences that are more exciting and engaging than anything found on a mobile phone or television today.”

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