Bomanbridge sells Level-5 Abby’s original productions across channels

MUMBAI: Bomanbridge Media, a Singapore-based content distribution and production agency strongly leads into MIP Junior Cannes, with sales of Level-5 Abby’s original productions across channels such as Sony’s Animax Asia, Cartoon Network Asia, and TVB Jade Hong Kong.

Sony’s Animax Asia snatched up the latest seasons of the globally successful phenomenon, Yokai-Watch (95 x 30’), following its top rating success in Japan. Animax Asia’s acquisition includes the latest season, “Shadow Side”. The “Shadow Side” plot starts “thirty years later”, introducing new characters and storylines around Keita’s son, ‘Keisuke. With the help of Keisuke’s special watch, he experiences the weird and wonderful phenomena taking place all over town! He learns to summon these mysterious Yo-kai to unveil the light and dark, bringing all-new adventures.

Additionally, off the back of the excitement during the World Cup kick-off, Animax Asia made a play for the highly popular Inazuma Eleven Ares (26 x 30’), a Super Dimensional action adventure about a team from humble beginnings rising up to keep their passion alive in the face of a corrupt elite corporation.

The latest installment in the Inazuma Eleven franchise, Inazuma Eleven Ares, depicts a parallel world that will feature both new characters and cast from the original in action-packed, heart-wrenching matches between the good, the evil, and those in between.

Building on the foundation laid by the previous series, which number over 250 episodes, four movies and more than eight million Nintendo games sold to date, the reboot series has begun its broadcast premiere on Animax Asia, strategically aired in simulcast with Japan.

It has proven to be a successful strategy in maintaining its strong and loyal viewership. 2018 is also a significant year, marking a decade of success for the property. Following these pan-regional deals, TVB Jade Hong Kong slid in quickly to grab the Free TV rights on Inazuma Eleven Ares.

Cartoon Network Asia took a taste of Snack World (50 x 30’), the hyper, casual, fantasy universe with princesses, dragons, genies, smartphones, and convenience stores. A multimedia show created and developed by renowned video game publisher Level-5, this series is already a tentpole franchise. Cartoon Network is planning to roll out Snack World across Asia in 2019.

“We are thrilled to be announcing these exciting sales from the Level-5 Abby portfolio of highly successful programming. Snack World is sure to be a great success for Cartoon Network with its nutty land fused with mythology, fairy tales, and technology! Additionally, allowing the original loyal audiences of Yokai Watch and Inazuma Eleven to continue watching their cult series as they grow older is quite a pleasure. Sony’s Animax Asia is the perfect broadcast partner to continue serving this loyal crowd of viewers. More sales are to soon be announced in the upcoming market!” said Bomanbridge Media CEO Sonia Fleck.