Bodhi Tree set to debut in digital space with four web shows

MUMBAI: Having established its position in the TV production space, Bodhi Tree Multimedia has entered the booming digital content production space. The production house has been commissioned to produce four web shows by over the top (OTT) platforms Viu, Voot and Times Group-owned Worldwide Media.

The shows will span across thriller, drama-comedy and horror genres. The production company specialises in these genres.

Speaking about the company’s plans for 2018, Bodhi Tree Multimedia Director Sukesh Motwani said the company is in talks with other digital players for producing shows.

“This year, we are looking forward to consolidating and see if we can work with all the players in the digital space. Apart from Worldwide Media, Vuclip, and Voot, we are also in talks with other players but it is too earlier to say. Creatively we want to explore digital space and see if we understand the space,” Motwani told

According to Motwani, Bodi Tree is a specialist in youth content. The four shows being produced by the company fall in the youth space. “We feel that we have a certain understanding of youth content, we understand thriller, we are creating a show in youth comedy. So, basically, we are covering all the three genres that somewhat more specific to youth and in the youth space,” he added.

Motwani also said that the plan on the TV front is to increase the volume of content. Bodi Tree’s latest show on TV is Zee TV’s ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se’, which went on air from 15 January. It is also creating two more daily soaps for GECs. The shows are in pre-production stage and will be aired in coming 4-5 months.

“Apart from consolidation, we would like to improve in terms of volume of shows on GECs. We are excited that various platforms are trusting us with genres which are very different and at the same time we are also picking up on the volume of the shows that are produced. In 2018, for the first time, we are creating around two-three daily shows,” he said.

Going forward, Bodhi Tree also plans to venture into film production. It is planning to produce a feature film in 2019. However, Motwani stated that producing film will be more like a passion project and won’t be about money making. “We would like to creatively take a leap but that is for the longer term. The idea, storytelling and scripting will happen at our end but we are looking forward to collaborating with right kind of director and build the right team,” he added.

Motwani feels that the challenge for a production house is to stay relevant to the pulse of whatever platform they are catering too.

He said, “Digital platforms at this stage are still trying to consolidate viewers. They are yet to reach the space where they can confidently say this many viewers are watching us. So it is an exciting time in digital space where there is a bit of experimentation and that is where the challenge lies. We need to understand how we can tell stories that we are passionate about but at the same time target it to a particular audience. The challenge is to continue to understand what the platforms want and try and see if we can crack that right,” he noted.

Motwani also believes that production houses will be able to scale-up in future with the increase in a number of digital platforms. Currently, the production houses are not able to scale up as they are not creating content for the world market.

“Our viewing pattern is different from what global audience want to watch. Our production houses create content to keep in mind Indian audience and not international audience. We don’t make the reality shows that are watched all over the world whereas, in other countries like Europe and Turkey amongst others, their content has travelled all over the world. Also, there is a certain monopoly from the broadcasters. Might be when you see the number of the platform going up and when we as a company are able to create content that finds resonance in international market then the scaling up will become possible. As then your company will be recognized in the world market. So that is sort of the dilemma Indian production houses currently have,” he added.

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