Blumhouse in content deal with Amazon for horror film production

MUMBAI: Blumhouse Television founded by film producer Jason Blum who specialises in horror films has partnered with Amazon Studios to deliver eight feature-length thrillers for streaming. In the past, Blum has produced movies like ‘Insidious’, ‘The Purge’.

“Jason Blum has built an empire based on fear, shock and all things spine-tingling. He has redefined the horror genre for fans who are hungry for high concept scares. Whether it’s found footage, a socially conscious terror comedy or a pure sinister adrenaline ride, he reinvented and infused the genre with cultural relevancy” Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said.

“We are delighted Amazon is entrusting Blumhouse to deliver its signature thrills and chills to its global audience through this deal. This is a great opportunity for Blumhouse Television to empower underrepresented filmmakers offering a fresh take on the dark genres loved by fans the world over,” said Blum.

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